Master's Entry Program in Nursing
Supplemental Application

(For Identification Purposes Only)


Rank numerically, 1 as the highest, the three (3) people, publications, or events which most influenced you to apply to USD:

USD alumnus/a
USD Faculty
USD Student
Family Member
Graduate School Day
Peterson's Guide
Barron's Guide
Nursing Open House
USD Nursing Faculty/Administrator
USD Publication

Who or what led you to apply to USD:

Please list the other graduate schools to which you are applying:



The Master's Entry Program in Nursing requires a great deal of commitment, flexibility, and at times, personal sacrifice. Consider the following scenario:

Your clinical day is reassigned two weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester. You will be assigned a different hospital and clinical faculty. You have a pre-planned schedule conflict(i.e work, vacation, purchased flight ticket, family commitment etc.) How will you resolve this dilemma?

Your clinical professor suggests that you need practice on your skills and wants you to spend additional hours in the skills lab. You disagree with this. How do you handle this issue?

There is a personality conflict between you and your professor. Switching to another class or clinical group is not an option. How would you approach this?


Please write a brief narrative describing:

  • Yourself
  • Your career goals
  • The importance of nursing and graduate study at this point in your life.

Please discuss:

  • Influences on your intellectual development, as well as educational and cultural opportunities available to you
  • Why you are applying to graduate school at the University of San Diego
  • Why you have selected nursing

    The narrative should not be a recording of facts already listed on the application; it should give the Admissions Committee a better sense of who you are and why you are applying to graduate school at the University of San Diego and your understanding of the role of nursing.
    (Guideline: 500 words or less.)


Please submit a $45 application fee by check or money order to:

University of San Diego
Office of Graduate Admissions
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

After pressing submit, please be sure to include the following information on your check or money order to ensure proper processing:
  • Applicant's Legal Name
  • MEPN Program